A Huge Mastiff Shows Us How Big Dogs Complete The Agility Course

What is the first thing you think of when you imagine a dog running an agility course? If you are like most people, the first thing that pops in your head is a small dog running like crazy with plenty of energy to make it through the course quickly. Although that may be what tends to make the highlight reel, and for good reason, because they are so cute, it is not the only type of dog that runs those courses. In fact, dogs of all shapes and sizes may run the course and it is always interesting to see.

What if we were to go the opposite direction and try watching a big dog running a course? That is what we see in the following video and it is amazing to see. It isn’t because the giant English Mastiff is running at top speed, it is because he is doing it on his own terms. Rather than going all out and running the course like crazy, he took his time and was cool, calm, and collected while he ran the course. It was almost like he was doing it as slowly as he could, but watching it is strangely relaxing.

Do you remember the old story about the tortoise and the hare? It taught us a lesson that we sometimes need to remember. After all, we often try to get things done as quickly as possible but we end up spinning our wheels in the process.

That is what this beautiful mastiff is teaching us. Yes, there are some times when we need to do things in a hurry but he shows us that taking our time may be the best decision we ever make. Watch it for yourself in this video:

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