A Tiny Hedgehog Getting A Bath Is The Most Honest Thing We Have Ever Seen

If you were to look back through a family photo album, you would see that there are plenty of pictures of little babies. This has always been true but in more recent years, we have the ability to take pictures from our cell phones so our family album has grown to include thousands and thousands of pictures. Although we may see baby pictures of everything from taking the first step to that special smile, there is always something that is seen in every photo album. It’s the little baby taking a bath and there is just something innocent and beautiful about watching them enjoy some time in the water.

As it turns out, that isn’t only true of human babies, it is also true of many babies in the wild as well. As an example, we have a video below of an African pygmy hedgehog named Chappi, and it is one of the most adorable things you are going to see all day. They took the little hedgehog and put him in the bath, sitting him upright so that he could get clean but do so safely. As it turns out, the little hedgehog wanted nothing more than to swim and play in the water and it is absolutely adorable when he starts batting his paws almost naturally. It’s one of those things that will make you smile all day long.

Hedgehogs are rather interesting pets, but they are not a pet that is for everyone. If you have the time and ability to really care for them and give them all that they need, however, they can be a very welcome part of the family.

What you see in the video below is a hedgehog that is having an enjoyable time. It also is something that reminds us that we aren’t so different from the animals around us. We start out innocent, and it’s little wonder that we have videos and photos like this to fill our family albums.

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