Adorable Kitties Are Loving A ‘Tom And Jerry’ Cartoon

Ever since most of us were young children, we would enjoy watching some cartoons. I think I spent more Saturdays than I can possibly count on the sofa at home, laughing at some of the zany characters that filled my morning with a lot of joy. Some people may consider it a waste of time but I look back on those days with a lot of nostalgia and I still enjoy watching those cartoons down to this day. As it turns out, it isn’t only human children that enjoy watching cartoons, the adorable kittens that are shown in this video enjoy watching them as well.

If you were going to show your cat a cartoon, which one would you choose for them? If you stopped to think about it for even a moment, you would likely show them one that involved a cat and mouse, as it was almost a real-life situation for them. That is what the owner of these two little kittens decided to do, what he put a classic Tom and Jerry cartoon on the computer monitor and sent them there to watch. I’m sure that he was wondering if they would pay attention to the cartoon or if it was just going to be an enjoyable exercise for him. To his surprise, they not only enjoyed watching the cartoon, they couldn’t take their eyes off of it!

As Tom and Jerry continued to battle it out, the two little kittens were having the time of their life. They would even get up and move closer to the computer when the mouse was seemingly in trouble.

It’s difficult to say what was going on through these cat’s minds, but we do know that they were having a lot of fun. I’m sure that he continued to show them cartoons after this, and perhaps even introduce them to Bugs Bunny at some point.

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