After Man Kicks Stray Dog, Pup Returns With Some Friends To Demolish His Car

Stray dogs are among some of the most abused animals on the planet. They are often the targets of inhumane treatment by cruel people who need to feel superior over creatures struggling to survive. These poor pups are often either cold or hot, thirsty and starving. Their desperate reputation has even inspired several sayings such as “let sleeping dogs lie” and “every dog has its day.” Well, we’ve found a story that proves both phrases to be 100 percent true! In Shijiazhuang, China, a man had made the mistake of kicking a stray dog while she was sleeping in a parking spot close to his home.

While most dogs would have just yelped, maybe growled and barked, but ultimately sulked off with their tails between their legs, this pup had other plans. You see, that day happened to be her day, and the pup decided to teach this bully a lesson he wouldn’t forget. China Centra Television reports after the man kicked the dog, the animal did not retaliate by biting him; instead, she left the scene only to return a few minutes later with a couple of friends. And together, the stray dogs proceeded to wreak havoc upon the man’s red sedan.

Viral photos show how the three dogs went about methodically tearing the bully’s vehicle apart piece by piece, going after parts such as the body panel, hood, and even the windshield wipers!

The Daily Mail reports that China still doesn’t have many laws banning animal cruelty on the books; now, the only way a person gets in trouble for harming a dog is if another person owns the dog.


This, among other reasons, is why so many dogs are taken off the estreat and forced into activities such as dog fighting or worse, in some cases, cooked!


However, that day one jerk learned the hard way karma’s a…well, you know.

You can watch a video about this crazy story below.

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