All Mom Wants To Do Is Take A Nap But Baby Rhino Is Too Energetic

If you were to ask any mother about the interactions that they have with their child on a daily basis, you would learn that there are similarities from one person to another. There are also two realities that all mothers know, the fact that they are very tired and want nothing more than to get a little rest and the fact that their young children want nothing more than to run and play. It’s the combination of the two that really define adulthood and parenthood for many individuals. It’s something that I think every mother experiences, but as you are about to see, it’s something also that extends beyond the limits of human life.

In the following video, you get to see a mother rhinoceros as she is interacting with her young child. That baby rhinoceros is full of energy and wants nothing more than to run and play. The mother, on the other hand, is ready to take a nap and she even lays down in the grass in order to enjoy some quiet time. It’s just one of those moments that every mother on the planet is going to understand. For some mothers, they will nod their head with understanding as they watch the moment unfolding in front of them. For others, however, it will bring back to mind just how difficult it was to raise a child that was at times, full of energy.

As the baby rhinoceros tries his best to get the mother back on her feet again, you realize that she is struggling to continue on with her nap. We don’t know if she ever got it or not, but she tried her best to do so.

As a mother, you are going to appreciate the beauty of what you see around you. This video just shows how much there is that is similar between what you experience and what is experienced in the animal kingdom.

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