Animal Trainer Gets Too Comfortable And Is Attacked By A Tiger On Video

When it comes to wild animals, I think that most of us dream about a time when we can get close to them and perhaps even have them as a pet. Although it isn’t going to happen for most of us, there are some who have the opportunity to get close to those large animals and they often talk about the experience as being amazing. That was the case for the veteran animal trainer in the following video. This happened back in 2013, but it’s a somber reminder of what can take place if we get too close to wild animals that should continue to be thought of as wild.

The animal trainer was very comfortable and familiar with the tiger in the cage. In fact, he had raised the animal from birth but suddenly, he found himself struggling for his own life. A tourist’s camera was on hand to capture the entire thing on video and you can see the tiger suddenly leap and bite the trainer on the neck. According to bystanders, the tiger had grabbed hold of him and bit him on the arm as well. When others rushed in to try to save the trainer, he stumbled backwards and they had to drag him to safety.

Perhaps this puts you in mind of another animal lover who always got a little closer to wildlife that he should. I’m talking about the Crocodile Hunter, and it’s interesting that this should’ve taken place at the Australian zoo. After all, he was responsible for founding that zoo and it seems as if the methods he used to get close to animals are still alive and doing well down to this day.

In the end, the man was able to overcome his injuries. He was listed as serious but stable shortly after the accident, but it is a reminder that will stick with him for the rest of his life.

Watch the video for yourself