Baby Piglet Meets A Monkey And It’s Love At First Sight

There is something about animal videos that really makes our hearts melt. I don’t know if it’s the fact that we are seeing an adorable animal in their natural habitat or if it is just the fact that we try to live vicariously through them.

When most of us think about these types of videos, we often think about a cat or a dog. In reality, however, even a video of a monkey and a baby pig can go a long way at tugging at our heartstrings.

That fact becomes obvious when you see this video out of Animal’s Home in Indonesia. It is of a young monkey named Bibi, who was introduced to a little piglet. The two of them make an adorable couple but Bibi wasn’t really all that comfortable with the situation at first.

Bibi went over and stiffed the piglet, but it wasn’t long before it was love to the millionth degree. She started feeding the little piglet cabbage and before long, Bibi had fallen asleep on top of her new friend and the two of them are just too adorable for words.

You can watch some of those videos below:

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