Devastated Pet Owner Warns Of The Dangers Of Sugar Substitute After Their Dog Eats Brownies And Dies

When we have a dog in our life, we do what we can to make sure they are happy, comfortable, and safe. This may sometimes mean that we have to say no to them, although it can be difficult to ignore them when they are looking at us with those sad, puppy eyes. We also realize that dogs are like little children and sometimes, they can do something that they are not supposed to do. As their owners, we know what is best about if they step outside of the lines, it could be dangerous for them. Nobody knows this better than Kate Chacksfield, whose beloved dog Ruby died in 2019. She snuck out and grab some brownies that were sweetened with an artificial sweetener, xylitol.

It seems as if Ruby wanted some of those brownies and rather than limiting herself to one, she ended up having two. Xylitol is a toxin to dogs and it can cause a wide variety of health problems, especially if the canine has underlying health conditions. Some of the different problems that can occur when a dog eats xylitol is liver failure, low blood sugar, seizures, and death. After Ruby ate the brownies, she got very sick and 36 hours later, her health continued to deteriorate. She ended up being in the hospital for eight days and racked up $13,000 in medical expenses. Unfortunately, she didn’t survive the ordeal.

When Ruby first ingested the brownies, Chacksfield didn’t take her to the veterinarian right away. She knew that chocolate was bad for dogs but she didn’t think that Ruby had eaten enough. What she didn’t know is that xylitol is extremely toxic. She admits that she wished she would’ve known about the dangers that artificial sweeteners posed because she would’ve taken her dog to the vet immediately.

People use xylitol to cut down on calories in food. It is a common product found in a wide variety of treats, peanut butter, spreads, and other household food items. There are many types of food that we may need us humans that would be harmful to our Pats. These include raw eggs, onions, garlic, raisins, and macadamia nuts. If you think that your dog has ingested something that could make them sick, don’t wait until they get sick. Take them to the vet right away.