Dog Captured on Video Taking Care of His Sick Brother by Dragging the Bed Over

If you’ve spent any time around dogs, you know that they are incredibly compassionate creatures. In fact, dogs are called “man’s best friend” for a reason. Dogs are much more loyal than most people are and that has been proven time and again. When a dog has developed a bond with another living creature, specifically a member of its “pack” or family, they are loyal to the end and will die protecting and taking care of you. A family’s home security camera recently caught just such an act on video when one of their dogs was sick. The dogs are Spanky and Roman, and you won’t believe what you see.

Roman had an ear infection, and you know that an ear infection is very painful for any living thing. The owner took the dog to the vet, and that’s when he got back news.  The diagnosis was that the infection was actually a hematoma, which is what happens when blood collects outside of blood vessels. Because of this, Roman was super uncomfortable. He got scheduled for surgery, but he couldn’t get it done right away. While he was waiting for his surgery, he was an unhappy dog, to say the least. However, his best friend and brother, Spanky, knew that something was wrong with his friend.

Spanky’s attitude started to change and he started being even more gentle with his buddy, Roman. During this time, Spanky rarely left Roman’s side, seeming to sense that he was vulnerable. We’ve seen this with cats in our home. When Roman had a follow-up appointment, Spanky wasn’t allowed in the room and he was visibly distressed. He sat in the car the entire time crying. Finally, when Roman joined him again, he stopped crying.


After Roman had his surgery, he got a lot of much-needed rest. Spanky stayed right by his side the whole time. When the family saw the video below, they were stunned to see how much love there is between these two dogs.