Energetic Dog Fails Service Dog Training Test

There are two types of people in this world, those who work in the service industry and everyone else. If you serve others in any way, regardless of whether it is at a restaurant or in a cleaning company, you recognize that it is hard work. It is your job to make sure that your clients and customers are as happy as possible and it seems as if dogs understand how to do this as well. That being said, not every dog is going to be the ideal service dog.

The following video has gone viral online for all the right reasons. It involves a dog named Ryker who is trying to become a certified service dog. He went through the classes that Double H Canine Training Academy in Louisville, Kentucky. As a sweet German Shepherd, he really wants to care for his trainers properly but then again, he would also really like to have the tennis ball that came his way.

Just like serving people at a restaurant, it can be difficult to be a service dog. The animals are highly trained and they work with people of all sorts, including those with physical, intellectual or emotional disabilities. The video that you are about to see is hilarious but it should also be a lesson about the intensive nature of training those dogs.

At first, Ryker is moving an empty wheelchair around but when that doesn’t work out, he knocks it over and chews on it. Suddenly, a man appears who was using a walker that has tennis balls on the feet. Most of us recognize that people who use walkers do this frequently but Ryker isn’t having any of it.

Suddenly, Ryker is attacking the tennis balls with extreme prejudice. We can only imagine what was going through the mind is but if you look at the dogs around him, you can see that they have some strange looks on their faces as well.

We can only imagine the scene; he is trying to take care of someone in a wheelchair but when someone throws a ball, he will abandon ship.

The training facility uploaded the video and included this caption:

“Every dog has a purpose. Clearly, Ryker‚Äôs purpose is not to be a service dog. Check out this video documenting his good-hearted attempt. Disclaimer: This Training was attempted by trained professionals do not try at home”

Fortunately, Ryker has a lot going for him. He is absolutely adorable and he is going to be a companion for some fortunate family that is out there looking. It is our hope that he will be with someone who takes care of him for the rest of his life.

You can watch Ryker failing his service dog aptitude test in this video:

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