Girl Discovers Her Worried Pup Staring At Dryer, Giggles When She Sees His Favorite Giant Stuffed Bear Inside

Dogs are renowned for their loyalty, and apparently, that loyalty extends beyond living creatures. Habs is a super-sweet cocker spaniel who rarely leaves the side of his favorite human, Jacqueline Estey. However, Jacqueline hardly has a monopoly on Hab’s love. The dog is also deeply devoted to his beloved giant Stuffed Bear that he claimed as his own the day he joined the Estey family three years ago.

“Habs has always been inseparable from the bear. He likes to bring the bear all around the house,” Jacqueline explained. “If you pick it up, he’ll follow you around until you put it back down for him.”

Recently, Jacqueline noticed that Hab’s bear was looking a bit, well, grungy. So when the pup wasn’t looking, Jacqueline quietly stuffed the bear into the washing machine and went about her day.


However, later on, she noticed that Habs was missing, so she began searching the house for him.

When she discovered the pup’s location, her heart absolutely melted.

“my dog has a stuffed bear that he always hangs out with and he sat in front of the dryer the whole cycle just to make sure he would be okay😭😭” — Jacqueline (@jacqelizabeth23) November 23, 2018

Habs was sitting smack dab in front of the front-loading dryer watching his beloved friend spin round and round inside.

“I have never seen him do that for anything in the wash, other than his bear,” Jacqueline said. “It was hilarious when I realized he was sitting there for the whole entire cycle and wasn’t moving for anything!”

Funnier still, later that evening Jacqueline woke up to find that Habs wasn’t in bed with her. When she finally tracked him down, he was near the laundry room once more, fretfully looking for his giant bear friend.

Jacqueline couldn’t “bear” to let poor Habs torture himself any longer.

“I heard Habs scratching at the dryer door,” she said. “When I went in there, he was looking for his bear in the washer and dryer! I walked him downstairs and showed him where his bear was, where he continued to lay down next to his bear.”


When the college student shared her video of Habs worrying over his stuffed BFF on her Twitter page, naturally it took off and went viral. Soon, we found out that dogs waiting for their stuffed animal buds to return from the big scary washing machine was kind of a regular (and hilarious) occurrence.

Washers and dryers are not the only laundry devices they’ll watch. Dogs will even sit and wait under clotheslines while their favorite toys dry.

Pretty soon, people were sharing all kinds of pics showing their adorable dogs snuggling their favorite stuffed toys, each one cuter than the last. Dogs are really the best people you’ll find! We’re so glad that Habs and his stuffed buddy were reunited.

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