Huge Mastiff Lumbers Through The Agility Course To Become A Crowd Favorite

It’s interesting to watch a dog that is well-trained do what they do best. For some, it may be doing some parlor tricks or perhaps following their training in a similar way. For others, it may be doing an agility course, which is an advanced method of obedience training. When dogs are skilled at running an agility race, they are an absolute delight to watch. They always bring something interesting to the table and put a smile on our face.

Agility competitions are often dominated by some of the breeds that have higher energy. You might see Jack Russell Taylor Terriers, Border Collies or Australian shepherds running these and zipping from one obstacle to another. It just seems as if they are able to do these courses effortlessly and it may be their hyperactive qualities that allow them to compete so fiercely.

That is why a larger breed running an agility course may just be somewhat of a surprise. It was seen recently at the Rocky Mount Cluster Dog Show in Denver. This dog stood out from the rest and everybody was probably thinking the same thing, how could this dog do what those other dogs were doing?

His name is Zeus and he is a bull mastiff.

The viral video was shared on YouTube and people are loving it. Zeus is shimmying through the tunnels and rather than running from one obstacle to another, he tends to lumber and stroll to the next position. It seems as if Zeus is marching to the beat of his own drum.

Even though Zeus is rather nonchalant about his trip around the course, it doesn’t take long before he is a crowd favorite. Every time he goes through an obstacle or over an obstacle, people are quick to cheer him on.

Zeus didn’t exactly snake through the poles but he did walk through them. He wasn’t winning, and he probably isn’t going to get a trophy but it seems as if he is having a fantastic time doing what he does best.

Zeus would walk up to the poles and then jump over them without a running start. He was rather lethargic but he did awesome.

Even though Zeus is slow, he racked up some rather impressive stats. He only knocked off one pole in the entire competition and he finished it till the end.

You can watch Zeus doing the agility course in this awesome video:

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