Kitty Smells Man’s Feet

If you were a cat, you would probably spend a lot of time looking for a comfortable place to spend your day. It doesn’t matter if it is on your human’s lap, in a laundry basket somewhere or perhaps just in your own little bed, being warm and cozy is a priority. Most of us recognize this fact about felines and when they are around something fresh and clean smelling, they really seem to enjoy it.

Apparently, the opposite is also true and when you see a cat smelling something foul, it is likely that they are going to go running in the opposite direction. Admittedly, most animals enjoy smelling something that has their owner’s scent on it, even old, dirty socks. It seems as if that may be true for some animals but as you are about to see, it’s not true for all animals.

I have had a dog come up and smell my feet without even giving it a second thought. In fact, they may even stick around for a while because they seem to enjoy it so much. The video that you are about to see, however, shows you that not all animals have that great of an appreciation for the scent of human feet.

The innocent little kitty was curled up with her owner’s feet and it seemed as if they were enjoying life. Little did they know that the innocence they were experiencing at the time was about to change. Although we don’t know whose feet it is, we do know that what we see is hilarious.

To get things started, the feline seems to be perfectly happy hanging out with his human and enjoying having his head rubbed with the human’s feet. He didn’t know, however, that the human may not have changed his socks for quite some time. The kitty leans over for a sniff and suddenly realizes that it was a big mistake. It is then that he gives the funniest look to the camera.

His mouth was open and he had the most disgusted look on his face that you have ever seen. There was so much emotion and agony poured into the look that it is obvious what must’ve been going through the cat’s mind.

You watch the video for yourself and tell me if you have ever seen a cat react quite this way.

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