Man Creates Indoor Tree For His Cat And The Master Approves

If you have a cat in your life, you realize that you want to do everything you possibly can to make them happy, healthy and comfortable. Some people love cats so much that they just can’t stick to one, and they end up with multiple felines in their home. If you happen to be somebody that loves cats, you are really going to appreciate what this man did for his little friend. It might even inspire you to do something similar as well.

Rob Rogalski is an artist that creates fantasy world items that are so well-crafted, they look oddly real. If you had such a talent, what would you do with it? Rob often uses his talent for the pleasure of other humans but he also has found that cats love the work of his hands as well. It can easily be seen in this fake tree installation that is just right for any cats that love to go on an adventure.

It took an entire summer to create this installation and he did it at a friend’s home. It was custom designed and built on location. Perhaps you could invite Rob over if you would enjoy having one yourself.

“First I design and build to the specific needs of the location, and my clients,” Rob said. “Each tree is different, it is an organic process.”

“For Permanent Installations, like cat trees, furniture, beds, reading nooks etc. I start by constructing a wooden armature, to give structure, then I attaché, then carve sheets or blocks of foam that are then covered with a paper pulp/particle clay.”

“That is then mixed with heavy duty wood glue.. (or even fiberglass resin, but I prefer not to use fiberglass) This is extremely durable.”

“For something that needs a little less structure, or is temporary, like a theatrical set, or storefront display I’ll build “a tree” out of cardboard, and paper mache. Sometimes I’ll do a mix of both techniques. This is still very Durable.”

Rob’s done similar work, such as these tree shelves for a girl’s bedroom.

“Because of the time and the labor involved in making something like this, I charge a minimum of $4000 to $4500,” Rob explains. “This doesn’t include the cost for supplies, that are paid for by my client separately. The total amount is contingent on size, and extras added. The material needs vary from job-to-job and time spent.”

“If you want to commission me to build you a tree, please feel free to contact me!”

People fell in love with Rob’s work

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