Man Grabs As Many Animals As He Can From The Floodwaters And Fills His Boat


Heroes come in all shapes and sizes but I think they all have one thing in common; the fact that they don’t necessarily go out to become a hero. Of course, some may work in jobs that would make it easy for them to be a hero, such as a fireman or a policeman. There are plenty of everyday people, however, who do amazing things and they often do it without thinking about the consequences. When we see it in action, we can’t help but love them for what they do and that includes and is especially true for anyone that does it for the little creatures that can’t help themselves.

The areas of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas are not strangers to floodwaters. It happened when flash flooding took place in 2016 and it was to historical proportions. There were many people who were displaced as a result of the rising floodwaters but there were also animals that were displaced as well. Many of those animals would not have stood a chance if it weren’t for two men that decided to take the initiative and do the right thing. It happened in Hernando, Mississippi when a man and his brother saw animals trying to get out of the floodwaters and up to higher grounds.

At the time, Frankie Williams was working as a plumber and he was 26 years old. He also worked for a landscape company and they had a small boat that they used when the woods were flooded. As they were traveling through the flooded fields, they saw a number of animals, including rabbits and field mice.

Before long, they decided they would start picking up the animals and taking them to safety. As they continued to travel, they found many animals that were stranded and you get to see some of them in the following video.