Man Grows Tired Of Seeing Swan Lose Eggs So He Builds Her A Raft

There’s an old saying that “into each life, some rain must fall” and people typically say it when something doesn’t quite go well in their life. Of course, we all realize that there are also things that may happen to others and at times, it seems as if one thing is going wrong after another. This is not only true of humans, but bad things can also happen to animals as well and a man by the name of Rob Adamson is more than familiar with it. He is known as “the swan man” and he lives in St. Ives, Cambridgeshire. He looks after the local wildlife, making sure that they are doing well and at times, he may even lend a helping hand.

Rob loves the water, which is why he has lived on a boat for quite some time and even works at the Jones boatyard. At 42 years of age, he has an absolute love of swans and he watched a pair of them who have had some difficulties over the years. They tried on a number of occasions to hatch some young and raise them, but they continue to have issues that would interfere. At times, the eggs would be swept away by a flood and at other times, they could be eaten by foxes. It was starting to happen again that year when the floodwaters were rising and Rob thought about the swans and their newest clutch. He went out to check on them and saw how high the water was getting.

In speaking with BBC, he referred to her as being the unluckiest swan. He helped her by building a raft and tethering it so he could adjust the distance. He then put the nest up onto the flotation device. Although he knew that he wasn’t supposed to interfere, he also knew that without interfering, there would be serious problems.

Rob put the makeshift raft in place and then put on the Swan, who wasn’t very happy about being picked up along with the nine eggs. It was an absolutely beautiful thing to do and we hope that this mother swan has many more young ones to look after.

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