Man & Woman Fight Over Dog But Judge Judy Lets The Dog Have The Last Word

It is difficult to own a television and not know who Judge Judy is. In fact, you don’t even need to own a TV because you often see her videos on YouTube, Facebook and elsewhere online. She is a small claims justice and a personal hero for many individuals who show up in her courtroom. Those trials are real and they are shown on TV. It is perhaps one of the most addictive courtroom shows in existence and many people watch, just to find out what Judge Judy is going to say to the next person standing in front of her.

As it turns out, Judge Judy is at it again in a video circulating online that is going viral. Unlike many of the other trials that may come up in front of her, such as unpaid rent, accusations between old friends or perhaps automobile accidents, it was a case of somebody and their best friend. I’m talking about ‘man’s best friend’ and as it turns out, Judge Judy is not only an advocate for many of the people who come into her courtroom, she is a lover of animals as well.

The case was rather interesting. Baby Boy, the plaintiff’s dog, ran away from home and they couldn’t find him anywhere. The defendant was able to find him, but it was at a local mall. She paid $50 for the dog and now she wasn’t going to give the dog back.

It was interesting how the plaintiff found out and he was not willing to give Baby Boy up so easily.

The defendant and the plaintiff continued to struggle in a battle that was quite interesting to watch. In the end, however, it came down to the decision of Judge Judy as to who would get the dog.

You can see the results of this case and who is the ‘real owner’ in this video:

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