Mom Wanted To Know Which Of The Two Dogs Pooped In The Kitchen. Just Watch What Happens With The Dog On The Right

If there is one thing that I know about having dogs in the family, it’s the fact that there is never a dull moment. It seems as if we go from one interesting thing to another and in many cases, there is some type of humor involved. Admittedly, each dog is going to have their own personality and sometimes, they can rub us the wrong way. At the end of the day, however, we absolutely love the dogs under our care and we couldn’t imagine living life without them.

Sometimes, we have the opportunity to look behind the scenes and see what happens in other homes with other dogs. This is a story about two dogs, Judy and Sunny. Judy is a terrier and Sunny is a Chi-Chi. One of the two dogs pooped in the kitchen and the mother is not very happy about the situation. She’s not quite sure which of the dogs did it because they both look rather guilty but then she comes up with a plan. She puts out the big question and their faces tell the tale.

Some of us have seen an animal that is able to listen to us and almost understand every word that we are saying. That is what you’re about to see today. When the question was asked, Sunny shoots a rather interesting look at her mother and it is difficult not to smile when you see it. It only takes a moment, perhaps about 8 seconds but it is going to bring out a lot of emotion.

The dogs’ mother takes them to dog shows and trains them on a regular basis. Judy is absolutely intelligent and you can see that in her reaction.

You probably wouldn’t expect something like this out of a dog but to see it in front of you is absolutely amazing:

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