Rancher Spots Squirrel With Overgrown Teeth So She Takes Him Home And Saves Him

We may have many different animals in our lives but sometimes, it is not the pets we keep inside of our homes but it is the animals we have outside of our homes that need our assistance. That is what a woman named Jannet Talbott discovered when she was working in her Alberta ranch in June 2018. She saw a small squirrel who was eating from the finches’ birdfeeder and she could tell that something wasn’t right.

When she looked at the squirrel, it looked as if something was sticking out from the side of his head. It was then that she realized that he was unable to eat a regular diet that would include nuts, bark, and similar hard items. His teeth had grown so long that they were curling back into his mouth. It was keeping him from getting the food he needed and certainly, he would not have lived long. Jannet decided she was going to do something to help.

After watching some YouTube videos to learn how to trim squirrel teeth, she wrapped the animal in a towel and began with the procedure.

Ever since she was a little girl, Jannet Talbott enjoyed helping animals. When she saw an animal that needed assistance, she was there for it.

Jannet lives near Barrhead, Alberta and she owns the Double J Freedom Ranch. That is where she rescues dogs, works with horses and provides a loving home for many animals.

She has a beautiful backyard and animal sanctuary. She says: “I feel a deep connection with animals, and a duty to advocate for them and be their voice.”

On a sunny day in June 2018, she was doing some yard work and saw a little squirrel eating from the birdfeeder. The problem was, he seemed to be having some difficulties.

When she looked closely, she saw something sticking from the side of his head.

Jannet investigated with a closer look and saw that he was skinny and his teeth had become overgrown.

The four incisors that squirrels have grow constantly but with a regular diet, they are ground down.

She figured the squirrel had an irregular bite from birth and was only eating the finches’ food. His life was sure to be shortened because he couldn’t close his mouth or chew the food properly.

Jannet loves animals and she knew she needed to do something to help.

She put on her leather garden gloves and picked up the squirrel from the feeder. She took him inside and named him Bucky.

She watched some YouTube videos to learn how to trim squirrels’ teeth.

She wrapped him in the towel and got a closer look at what needed to be done. Bucky’s top incisors were long and curly and they almost pierced his eye.

She said that he kept calm during the delicate dental work. Squirrels aren’t able to feel the pain because they don’t have nerve endings in their incisors.

“I do believe animals know when you’re trying to help them,” she says.

Janett used a cuticle trimmer to clip his long teeth and then released him back into the wild.

You have to admit it would feel a lot better!

Janet feels that Bucky must’ve been living on crushed and shelled sunflower seeds. When she released him on the next day, she spotted him eating some whole peanuts.

Bucky ran up a tree and rubbed his cheeks on it.

“I watched him sharpen is newly trimmed incisors on a tree branch… fingers crossed he keeps them worn down.

Just look at that smile.”

It may be possible that his teeth will regrow so she will keep an eye on him and help again if it is ever needed.

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