Reindeer Antlers In Finland Are Painted Reflective Colors To Save Them From Traffic

If you live in a part of the world where deer are in your neighborhood or perhaps in a nearby area, you realize that they are beautiful to watch but can be dangerous if you happen to see them at night. Deer tend to hang out along the edge of the road and it is almost as if they are attracted to the headlights that are driving by. This makes a very hazardous situation, both for the deer and for the drivers because, at times, you just can’t see them before they are suddenly right in front of you. This is a problem in many parts of the world, including in Finland, where some 4000 reindeer die annually as a result of vehicle accidents.

It isn’t only the thousands of reindeer that die as a result of those accidents, there are millions of dollars worth of damages that occur to vehicles as well. Finally, somebody came up with an idea that would help, and the group known as the Finnish Reindeer Herders Association had a rather simple, yet ingenious solution. They decided that they would spray the animals with reflective spray paint so that they would show up with high visibility when the headlights would hit them in the middle of the night. It makes it very easy for motorists to spot them from a distance.

It is largely being tested on the fur of the animal but they are thinking that the antlers are probably going to be a better idea because you see them from all directions. There are some issues as far as durability is concerned, but they are continuing to work on the issue.

This is a solution that will help many animals to live when they are wandering around near the road. It is also going to save millions of dollars every year once it is rolled out successfully.

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