Rescued and Abused Pit Bull Can’t Stop Hugging Young Woman Who Saved Him


Most dogs who end up in shelters face a sad fate. The fact is that there are simply more dogs who are homeless than there are families who are willing to take care of them. When a family does adopt a dog, they usually want a sweet little puppy that they can raise up on their own or even an older dog who is very docile. It’s a rare individual who is willing to adopt a pit bull. Pit bulls have a bad reputation, and much of it is undeserved. Because of their strong jaw and how strong a dog they are, they can be dangerous if they’ve been abused or not properly socialized around people.

However, mean dogs are created, not born. We have a loving chihuahua who has no patience with our cats. She growls at them when they bother her, but the fact is, she’s not a danger to them. Most of them are bigger than her. They respect her, though, and keep a wide berth. That’s something that a  young woman named Kayla Filooon knows a lot about: respecting dogs for who they are. Kayla is a dedicated animal rights activist and she makes a practice of advocating for abandoned and homeless animals. She also loves to work at and volunteer for shelters that take in these innocent souls.

Since she’s committed to animal adoption, when she got ready to get a pet of her own, she knew she would adopt a dog. She put a lot of attention into adopting a dog who would be hard to place because she knew that she could provide a good home for these special dogs. When a pit bull named Russ was seen on the streets by rescuers, they had a hard time catching him because he had clearly been abused. He was terrified of people. But once they got him in the rescue vehicle, he seemed to relax. Evidence showed that he had been beaten.

Despite his challenges, he grew to love his rescuers and Kayla in particular. She ended up adopting him and now he can’t stop hugging her all day long. Watch this video below.

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