Service Dog At Airport Spots Owner Shaking, Pup’s Reaction Goes Viral

Most of us are quite amazed when we see a service dog in action. Typically, we only see them when they are accompanying the individuals who are being cared for. They can work for a wide variety of health issues and concerns, regardless of whether it is epileptic seizures, diabetic glucose spikes or even helping individuals who are sight or hearing impaired. Having a qualified service dog by your side can sometimes even make the difference between life and death.

Although most of us would likely agree that service dogs are important, it is to understand that fact perhaps more than anyone else. She is a certified professional dog trainer but she does more than simply training these animals, she also uses a service dog for her own needs. You see, Amber suffers from severe and debilitating anxiety attacks.

Amber has a five-year-old dog, Oakley, and she trained him to recognize any changes in her physiology that would signal a panic attack. This could include changes in breathing pace, heart rate and body temperature. When any of these factors exist, Oakley can detect it and step in to ensure that the anxiety is not overwhelming her.

This video was taken while waiting for a flight at an international airport in Cincinnati. The skills that this dog has were captured on video. Now the video is going viral.

Whenever she shows signs of having the beginning phases of an anxiety attack, Oakley doesn’t waste any time. He jumps up and begins wagging his tail, spinning around and whimpering. When he sees the emotional crisis coming up on Amber, he knows just what to do.

He first gets her attention with his whimpering and then he follows through on this training. He puts his face directly in hers, breaking her hands apart and keeping them away from her face.

It is easy to see how Oakley is attempting to distract Amber. He has been trained to keep her away from her face and on his body.

When Amber shifts her focus away from her anxiety and puts it on her dog, he then pushes himself between her knees and she wraps her arms around him.

This little cuddle session helps her to forget about the panic attack and it also is beneficial for Oakley as well. He sits there and allows her to cling to him. If it weren’t for his help and assistance, she may have had to struggle with an anxiety attack in the middle of traveling.

You can see the entire event unfold in this amazing video.