Store Sees A Homeless Dog Suffering During The Heat Wave And Open Their Doors Wide

This past summer has been unbearable with temperatures hitting record highs in many parts of the world. In Northern Mexico, the mercury was rising to 104 degrees Fahrenheit and a man by the name of Adolfo Aazzi Ahumada decided to brave the heat and head out to a local market. It was a day like many others but when he arrived at the market, he saw something he wasn’t expecting.

The market was open for business and he thought he would just pop in and pick up a few items. When he got there, however, he described the scene in this way: “A stray dog was being fed and getting water from the [store] clerk. Then I saw they let the dog inside.”

Ahumada was shocked by what he saw in the store. He decided that it was just too kind to ignore. He recounted the conversation: “He has been here the past [few] days. We suspect he was left behind by his owner. He came to us for help,” the clerk told Ahumada. “We could only provide him with food, water, and some toys from the store that we paid with our money.”

It turns out that the shop’s kindness went even further.

“We let him inside because the temperature outside is really hell-like. We feel bad for him, but he looks happier around the store,” the clerk said.

Ahumada saw the kindness for himself when he looked down an aisle:

The dog was safe because someone was kind enough to take action.

It turns out that the dog has also given some of the kindness back to both the clerks and the customers. They hope someone will eventually give him a forever home.

Ahumada will not be able to be that person but he did but the dog a treat when paying for his milk.

“I felt bad for what the dog has passed through,” Ahumada said. “But he is now receiving the love he deserves.”

Source: DoDo

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