Stray Cat Returns To Find Her Lost Kittens At The Shelter

One of the relationships that mean the most to us in life is the relationship that we have with our mother. It begins when we are very little and continues to grow throughout our lifetime. Most people would say that this was the first relationship of their life, although they may have had many other relationships during their lifetime. As it turns out, it isn’t only humans who appreciate the relationship that they have with their mother, it is also seen in the animal kingdom as well.

Four little kittens were brought to an animal shelter and they didn’t have a mother to look after them. Alyssa Smith, cofounder of Wremm Rescues was called in about some 10-day-old kittens that had to be rescued. The shelter in Downey, California was desperate to find someone to watch out over them.

“There were only 15 minutes left, and no one else was able to take them but thankfully, the networking group got them out safely, and a wonderful woman named CJ transported them all the way out to Ventura County, California to us,” Alissa said.

The kittens were found with their mother in a yard but the mother cat escaped and ran away quickly. Ashley, who is a foster volunteer began to bottlefeed the kittens. The co-founder of the rescue, Jennifer Hurt would take care of them during the day.

“The kittens were very obviously well taken care of by their cat mama. When orphaned kittens land into the shelter, they don’t usually see their mama again,” Alissa said. “Another important reason to leave kittens where they are found (and wait for the mom), instead of taking them to the shelter.”

Both Ashley and Jennifer were ready to take care of the kittens until they were weaned but that is when the story gets interesting.

The people who dropped off the kittens came home and found the mother cat outside looking for them.

“They were able to catch her and bring her in,” Ashley said. They brought the mother cat to the foster home the next day.

She was shy at first and wouldn’t come out of the carrier but then Ashley brought one of the kittens close to her.

“I held a baby up to her and she visibly calmed down. We coaxed her out of the carrier with it,” Ashley said. “She went right over and curled up in the middle of her kittens, purring. They all went right to her, and started nursing.”

The mother was loving it, purring and kneading while feeding the hungry kittens.

“I don’t think we have ever seen something so heartwarming,” Alissa said. “So unbelievable that this miracle occurred. To say that the reunion went well is an understatement.”

Ashley woke up the following morning to find them the mother snuggled up to her and fallen fast asleep.

You can watch the mama with her kittens in this video:

“As neonatal kitten foster parents, we do everything under the sun to make our fosters happy, comfortable and content.”

“Nothing we can do compares to the blissful feeling of having a mama lying next to them,” Ashley said.

“She is a patient mom and her gratitude to be back with her kittens is palpable. These are the happiest and luckiest babies.”