Sweet Little Puppies Tackle Their First Day Of Work With Adorable Determination

We might have many exciting days in life but perhaps one that we will remember more than any other is the first day that we go to work. We are excited about the possibility of earning a little money but at the same time, we are likely full of nervousness and apprehension. We want to look as if we are confident and we certainly want things to go just right but there are so many new things to learn, we honestly don’t often know the best place to start.

If that describes you and the first day of work that you experienced, imagine if you were a puppy heading off to your first day of work. They are probably also apprehensive but in true dog fashion, they are willing to tackle things as they come. Let’s face it, dogs have a very pure heart and we don’t deserve to have them around. That being said, they are willing and capable of doing many different jobs, and sometimes, we all need to remember that all of us are in this crazy world together.

Here are some puppies on their first day of work that will melt your heart.

1. First day as a police dog

This Alsatian puppy is ready to take on the world. He is so small that his police harness doesn’t even fit him yet.

2. Sleeping on the job

Most of us would be fired if we were sleeping on the job but this puppy had every right to do so. It’s a good thing he had his stuffed toy with him so he could get some well-needed sleep.

3. Almost big enough

You can see the determination on this puppy’s face. He doesn’t fit into the bulletproof vest yet but just give him a little time.

4. Beginning as a service dog

You can almost see the nervousness in this little dog’s eyes as he is on his first day as a service dog. I bet he does a great job.

5. Ready to go

We’ve seen dogs taking on many different roles but this is above and beyond. Of course, he isn’t driving but I’m sure he is intelligent enough to do it.

6. Sometimes you just need a nap

This little guy is exhausted after his first day but he has some human partners that are looking out for him.

7. First day on the job

This dog is the epitome of being bright eyed and bushy tailed. It looks like he’s ready to take on the world.

8. It’s genetic

This mother service dog is teaching her little one that she has to get the needed rest on the job.

9. Not everything is as it seems

This dog may look like a little cutie now but give him a few months and criminals would definitely not want to mess with him.

10. Learning a lot

This seeing-eye dog in training is having a difficult first day. His uniform is not quite to his liking.

11. Multi-generations

These puppies are learning from one of their elders. They may not be ready yet but they will be before long.

Hopefully, these puppy on the job pictures made you smile from ear to ear. We could all use a little bit of that in our life.

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