You Can Now Take Your Pet Fish With You Wherever You Go

If there is one thing that we know about people, it’s the fact that they love their pets. In fact, most people would be willing to do almost anything to make their pet happy, healthy, and comfortable. It’s little wonder that is the case, because our pets provide us with so much love and affection in return. It is an unconditional type of love that just keeps flowing in our direction, and we never have to doubt the fact that they will be there for us from one day to the next.

If you happen to be somebody who loves fish, then you probably have a very unique relationship with those pets. Perhaps you have even wished that you could take them out for a walk or bring them with you when you ran to the store. That would’ve been impossible if it weren’t for what a Japanese company, ‘Ma Corporation’ is bringing to the table. They have created the Katsugyo Bag, which is a portable fish tank that you can carry with you and bring your fish along where you go. It is shaped like a tube, with a midsection that is transparent so your fish can see what is going on as you move about town. There is even a gauge so you can keep your eye on the oxygen saturation in the water.

Pet owners around the world are on the fence about this particular item. Some people were thrilled that they will be able to keep their fish happy with them at all times but others are saying that it is a cruel thing to do. Fortunately, you have a little bit of time to decide for yourself because the product is still being developed.

What you are seeing in these pictures is only an idea of what the Katsugyo Bag can do as many of the fish are even photoshopped in place. After all, not very many people have a Seabass as a pet! Even so, they still give you an idea of what these tanks can do. It may just be the ideal choice for those who want to take their fish for a walk or if they just have to take them to the vet.

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