Christian College Takes Censorship In Textbooks To The Next Level

When you attend college, you may have to take an art class in order to get your credits and sometimes, there is some nudity involved. It’s up to the individual to decide what is art and what may be crossing the line but censorship is also done by those in charge, in some cases. This can sometimes lead to problems, because their idea of what is obscene may differ from the opinion of those that they are ‘protecting’.

The Pensacola Christian College has decided to take censorship of art to a new level. According to their websites, the art students are “equipped to share Christ through the visual arts, music, or dramatic performance.” But there may be more behind the scenes. A student has decided to share images from his art textbook and the censorship is a little surprising, to say the least.

The art history courses offered at the college encourage the students to gain an understanding of the arts. They would learn about the lives and the works of famous artists, including da Vinci and van Gogh.

Censorship has always been a part of this process, at least to a certain extent. It seems, however, that this college may be taking things just a little bit too seriously.

Someone was given the assignment to work their way through the art textbooks and draw over all of the pictures that were deemed to be too risque for the teachers and students in the art department.

Looking at the pictures, we may find it to be somewhat amusing but it does narrow the view for those students who are trying to be educated.

Located in Pensacola, Florida, the Pensacola Christian College has been around since 1974. The goal of the school is to “train young men and women in higher education for a life of service to Jesus Christ,” [and to] “promote the cause of Christ by providing a distinctively Christian-traditional, liberal arts education that develops students spiritually, intellectually, morally, culturally, and socially.”

The images were originally posted to Imgur and people had a lot to say.

SendMeNoots said:

“They for real censored the Mona Lisa? Christ there’s nothing shown in the original. It’s the tiniest cleavage line possible.”

SgtDefaultGN added:

“Say it with me now, nudity is not pornography.”

Twitter even had to speak up about the censorship.

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