Adele Touches Hearts With Her Live Version Of ‘When We Were Young’

There are many people we probably know that have the ability to sing but not all of them are able to move a large audience and perhaps even inspire people to do greater things. I’m sure that we all know somebody who has that ability, but often, it’s a celebrity rather than being someone in our immediate circle of family or friends. Perhaps you can even think of somebody who fits that description. One of those people is Adele. It just seems as if she has the ability to move an audience with the sound of her voice and the lyrics she is singing. Whether you are a huge fan or not, you have to admit that she is very talented.

Many of today’s singers use technology to their advantage by changing their voice using autotune or doing something similar. Adele is not one of those individuals and in fact, she is actually known for the sound of her voice and her ability to sing in a way that is better in concert than when it is coming out of the studio. It is a majestic voice that really can give you chills if you allow yourself to be taken away with it. At the same time, however, it is one that seems to have a universal quality that really makes it enjoyed by thousands of people, rather than just a close knit circle of fans.

In the video that you see below, you get to watch Adele singing live, and when she performs, “When We Were Young”, you are sure to have that feeling of chills and goosebumps.

Music has a way of moving us and you probably have felt it since the time you were very young. Adele is one of those singers that has a fantastic ability and I’m sure that she is going to be included among your favorites once you hear this.

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