Saxophone Player Sends Music Into Abandoned Pipelines and Magic Happens

When a German musician and sculptor Armin Küpper went out to go jogging one afternoon, he stumbled upon a huge set of gas pipelines. Intrigued, Armin decided he would see what happened if he yelled and sang into the pipes. To his complete amazement, Armin discovered that the pipes made a wonderfully natural echo and sound. Later another day, Armin returned to the same spot with his saxophone. What happened next is magical. Armin played his sax into the long metal voids and beautiful music came out. That allowed the sound to make a natural delay and reverb that accompanied the man and his music in perfect pitch.

Armin said that the sound that the pipes made had a “loneliness” to it. To Armin, the pipes made him feel that he wasn’t alone playing there. In fact, he said that sometimes he can’t stop playing because he’s having such a good time. He said that once the evenings become cool, he can sit down and play through the heated up tubes while he gazes at the sunset. When Armin posted his first pipeline concert on YouTube, it went viral nearly overnight. Since that day, he has been going to the same spot often just so that he can “jam” with the long metal pipes that have been abandoned. Also, Armin has experimented with playing his guitar in the pipes, which is equally mesmerizing.


There’s just something so special about the music made by a saxophone. The sax is mournful sounding and can be jazzy if the player wants it to be or just as mournful as the player wants it to be. It’s a remarkable musical instrument that way. The sax is a brass woodwind instrument that is played with a mouthpiece that is a single reed. Although they’re made from brass, saxophones are woodwind instruments because the unique sound is produced by the wooden cane reed.


Currently, Armin is in the process of creating an album titled “Tube Sound.” Enjoy this concert below.

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