18 Serious ‘Beware Of The Cat’ Signs That Might Just Send You Running

As we move about through life, we see signs that give us warnings about almost anything. Some of them are going to warn us to watch how fast we are driving and if we disobey that particular sign, we get a ticket. Others may give more practical advice, such as stay off the grass so it can grow or perhaps signs that alert us to crosswalks or other hazards that may be on the road. Perhaps none of the signs will leave us with as much anticipation and perhaps stress as a ‘beware of dog’ sign.

Beware of dog signs are so effective that some people will post them in their yard, even when they don’t have a dog. What do you do, however, if you are a ‘cat person’? Those individuals shouldn’t be left out of the mix and in fact, there are many options that are available to them. Not only can they be adorable when they work properly, the signs can also go a long way to helping people avoid the nasty cat that may just be waiting behind closed doors. Here are a few to consider.

1. He will bite your face off

This is the perfect mat to warn people that a vicious cat is on the loose.

2. Your drink will never be safe

The horror of it all! Destruction is his middle name

3. Scary cat

Cats can be frightening, especially when you compare them to people.

4. Caution is in order

Don’t let this fat cat get anywhere near you or it could be curtains.

5. Fair warning

If there is one thing we know about cats, it’s the fact that they won’t forget if you cross them. Don’t let them hold a grudge.

6. Untrustworthy

The dog may sneak up on you to get the best of you but I think the cat would do it right in front of your face.

7. Honesty

You don’t always need to beat around the bush when it comes to putting up a sign. Those who enter this property have been warned.

8. Interesting

I would say these cats are not to be messed with

9. Con artist

The cat may look friendly but he only is in it for his own personal gain.

10. Don’t let the size fool you

Just remember, never judge a book by its cover.

11. Not sure if I would be afraid

This cat looks absolutely terrified

12. Bouncer

If the cat doesn’t approve of you being there, you might as well leave.

13. Say what?

Who could trust a cat that looks like that? What in the world is she wearing?

14. Just doing my job

It looks like somebody is taking their job seriously.

15. Brothers in arms

I would say these cats will get to you and not even think twice about it.

16. I don’t get it

Does this mean black cats are worse than other cats?

17. I’m leaving already

This is the most menacing ‘beware of cat’ sign we’ve seen yet

18. Good advice

If your cat has teeth like that I am out of here!

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