2018 Had The Worst Spelling Mistakes And We Have The Pics To Prove It

When was the last time you saw something so unusually silly that you laughed out loud? At the very least, you may have giggled when you saw it and often, it involves the lack of intelligence of others. You may find it funny but sometimes, it can also be a little bit frustrating to realize that there are people out there who are capable of doing such things. One of the ways in which this shows itself is the way the people spell. Sometimes, a misspelling is unavoidable but at other times, it is just wrong.

When we are children, we are given the task of learning how to spell words and it starts out fairly basic. We would never think that it was possible to misspell words such as cat and dog, but it happens more often than you would think once people reach adulthood. We also have technology working against us, because it checks our spelling and even corrects it automatically. That being said, writing something down on a piece of paper does not provide the same spellcheck.

As you look down through the following misspellings, you will be tempted to laugh out loud. Why not go ahead and do it? It’s better to laugh than to think the world is coming to an end.

1. Popeye loves spinach

It doesn’t look bad at first but when you take a closer look, you notice that the a is missing. Popeye loved the food because it made him strong but obviously, it did not make this person strong for spelling.

2. Soup for the hands?

I realize that they meant soap but let’s face it, little mistakes sometimes mean a lot. Technically, they might be correct but in reality, it is wrong.

3. I love cheese

Perhaps they have always pronounced it but never saw it in writing? I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, even though I shouldn’t do it.

4. Hopefully, they aren’t Jewish

This is another case of spelling something that you’ve never seen in writing. It’s amazing that they were able to get their point across, but it did take some checking.

5. Did the teacher write this?

These glasses must do something special. Whoever wrote this needs to go back to school.

6. More than a mistake

Sometimes it is forgivable to make a mistake once but when you make it twice? You may need to reconsider your choices.

7. Alrighty then

I know what a bra is, but a braw?

8. Want some scrambled eggs?

Maybe they wrote it before they were fully awake.

9. How much is the juice?

Would you pay your salary for juice?

10. Not sure about this one

If you are going to slam somebody you better know how to spell. Somebody got the last laugh here.

11. How long have you been taking them?

We know what they were trying to say, we’re just not sure why they were trying to say it.

12. You’re selling what?

I really don’t think you should be selling something like this online. Maybe you had your grandmother’s permission but then again, maybe not.

13. Follow the sign

Are they talking about a garage? Surely nobody is that bad at spelling.

14. Were so sorry.

It is quite an inconvenience

15. Want some strawberries?

We’ll take some strawberries, provided that is what you really meant.

16. What are they selling?

Will it really bolow?

17. Get a new tire

Why would they be so happy to have a punctured tire?

18. Never forget your references

You’re making Wikipedia look bad

19. I’ll take some of that flaming yawn

What’s for dinner?

20. I’ll take some hand towels

Paper towels for royalty? Your guess is as good as mine.