21 Times People Saw Things On The Road They Just Couldn’t Believe

People go out for a drive for different reasons. For some, it is a way to get from one point to another. They commute to and from work in their automobile or they may spend time around town, driving to the grocery store and other locations. There are also those who get in their car and drive to relax. It certainly is true that driving in a country setting can help to ease frazzled nerves. Regardless of why you drive, however, it is always important to pay attention.

Paying attention to what is happening on the road around you can save your life. There are also times when it can alert you to problems that would cause unsafe conditions for you and others. Then again, there are also times when it pays to look around and notice what is on the road nearby because it can be interesting and sometimes, amazing. That is what these pictures show.

As you look down through these images, you will see everything from interesting license plates to people multitasking when they really should be paying closer attention to the road in front of them.

1. Somebody has a great sense of humor.

2. Tell it like it is

3. It still doesn’t answer the question

4. The sticker on his helmet says “bad to the bone”

5. You don’t see this every day

6. Not every idea is a good idea

7. This cat is going places

8. How to relax in traffic

9. Somebody else with a sense of humor

10. Poor guy is getting pulled over

11. I guess everyone has seen final destination

12. We need Bob

13. A unique way to look at things

14. Look at the reflection

15. Illegal aliens are everywhere

16. Nice sign

17. I get it

18. It’s 5 degrees outside with 30 mile-per-hour winds

19. Nothing to see here

20. That doesn’t look dangerous at all

21. Awesome wheels