23 Shirts That Were Worn At The Perfect Time

People have been wearing shirts ever since clothing was invented in the first place. In more recent times, however, shirts were not just a way to be modest when you were walking around town, they were a way to talk about what you wanted out of life. Some T-shirts may be a walking billboard but others just have a little bit of attitude. We wear them because we want to make a statement but sometimes, that statement is not always what we would expect.

Wearing the proper shirt can make a difference in what you get out of life. That is about to become clear, but not in the best way possible for those who were in these pictures. When these pictures were posted online, it resulted in a lot of laughter and that is what we would like to share with you. These 23 people are more than just individuals who managed to wear the right shirt at the right time, they are awesome people who have the ability to put a smile on our face. Like it or not, they will go down in history as being some of the funniest people online.

1. I thought it seemed like a good idea too

2. Angry Birds

3. Loving those chips

4. I agree

5. Where can I find that shirt?

6. Even Minnie mouse thought it was funny

7. A trip to Disneyland

8. Your wish has been granted

9. Which one is which?

10. Show your basic instincts

11. It probably does

12. Don’t pass go

13. Is this ironic?

14. I think he was hoping this would happen

15. Didn’t you follow directions?

16. That face

17. Shots have been fired

18. It’s a Mac attack

19. Meat tornado

20. It’s the dude

21. Hold the door

22. He’s always ready for fan photos

23. I think he was asking for it