Children Text Their Moms To Ask A Cooking Question And The Replies Are Hilarious

We may have many different people in our lives but it is our mother’s that often define us in many different ways. From the time we are little babies, we look to them for almost everything we need and they spend 18 tireless years raising us and preparing for us to leave the nest and fly on our own. After we grow up and become adults, that doesn’t end. In fact, many of us find that we are still looking to our mothers to provide us with everything that we need to get through life successfully.

Perhaps that is why this seemingly innocent prank is so funny. It involves people sending text messages to their mothers. That much, I’ll admit, it is perfectly normal and many of us do it every single day. It isn’t the fact that people were text messaging their mother, however, it’s the fact that they are doing so to ask how long it takes to cook a 25-pound turkey, in the microwave!

The mothers had the best responses.

This mother was disappointed

One mother suggested an easier method.

One mom regrets letting her son leave the home.

This one left a voicemail

One mother decided to get the father involved.

This mother is obviously worried about their child’s self-esteem.

This mother just spouted off an answer

The look on their faceā€¦