Cop Is Getting Annoyed Driving Behind Slow ‘Grandpa’, Then The Camera Turns And Reveals Hilarious Truth

There is a rather interesting phenomenon that is taking place today and it has been the cause of much frustration. Although it may have existed for many years, it seems to be more pronounced and we often see it on almost a daily basis. I’m talking about road rage and it doesn’t matter if you are a victim of somebody else’s rage or if you are experiencing it from within yourself, it can be something that ruins your day.

One of the ways in which road rage is often expressed is anger because somebody is not driving as quickly as what you would like. It seems as if this police officer is experiencing such a moment. He is shooting a video of himself talking about an old ‘grandpa’ driving in front of him. This grandpa was traveling well under the speed limit and the cop is getting frustrated about it.

The police officer is Florida deputy Brian Bowman. He had gotten out of his vehicle to confront the slow driver and he felt that he needed to vent over the situation. He started by expressing his annoyance: “The nerve of this guy… He’s literally going 1 mile per hour in a 30 mile per hour zone.” That sounds pretty bad to us but that he also says that he is over 100 years old! He continues, “He shouldn’t be out on the roadways to begin with.”

The police officer was in the middle of a rather interesting situation. Imagine being snapped at by a 100-year-old grandpa! We can almost feel the frustration in his voice but then the camera turns to show what is in front of him.

As it turns out, it is exactly what he described. It is an old tortoise that is walking up the middle of the street very slowly. This video has gone viral and this touched something very truthful in many of us. You can see the entire video here: