Dad Of 4 Girls Anxiously Waits To Hear Gender Of 5th Baby, Walks Out When It’s Not A Boy

A rather interesting phenomenon that has come out in recent years is a baby reveal. Now that it is common for parents to know the gender of the child long before the baby is born, they tend to celebrate that moment with family and friends. When the moment arrives and the gender is revealed, both of the parents are usually related, regardless of whether it is a boy or a girl. Yes, we all have our personal preferences but in the end, we are happy with the healthy little baby.

When it comes to the gender of the unborn child, it really is a tossup as to whether it is going to be a boy or a girl. Genetics play a large role and there may be some suggestions as to how to influence the gender, but you never really know until the sonogram. There is typically a lot of guessing that goes on in the process but most parents will wait until the gender is revealed before they begin serious planning.

Sometimes, parents will beat the odds and that is the case with Christine Batson and her husband. They had four young girls living at home and now they were working on their fifth pregnancy. Obviously, the father was hoping that it would be a boy. It was then that a small gender reveal was organized that involved the daughters and the mother. She took a video of the moment so that she could share it online.

The reveal was rather simple. There were four cupcakes, one for each daughter that had either pink or blue frosting on the inside. They worked their way to the middle of the cupcakes and you can see the father becoming quite anxious. Finally, the girls revealed to the dad that he is about to be the father of yet another daughter.

As a casual observer, you might think that the father’s reaction is a little bit odd. He doesn’t say a word, it just gets up from the table, walks out to the edge of the family swimming pool and falls in. It turns out it was not all that unusual:

“Weeks before we even knew what we were having, he discussed doing something crazy like this because people always assume he’s so devastated about having so many girls!” she says. “So I knew he was going to do something crazy for a laugh. Everyone is so happy about a new baby sister to love!”

You can watch the video and that special moment here: