Drunken Online Shopping Is Making Online Businesses Rich – Especially Amazon

When it comes to online shopping, there is likely a single word that comes to your mind: Amazon. You can get almost anything you can possibly want on Amazon and many of us may find that we are shopping at the strangest hours and buying things that we may not have purchased if they sold them at a store. When you add a few shots of liquor to the mix, however, it makes the today free shipping seem almost irresistible.

When 2000 adults that drank alcohol were surveyed, something rather unusual came to light. Their shopping behavior changed when they had something to drink and it even added up to some $400 worth of extra expenditures that were purchased during the time that they were intoxicated. If you consider how many people in the United States are of legal drinking age, the math shows us that it is some $48 billion worth of drunken purchases.

The majority of the money is going to Amazon. 85% of visitors who had too much to drink would visit the online retailer and make a purchase that was fueled by alcohol. 21% of those who responded would do something similar on eBay and 12% on Etsy. What was the most alluring item? It seems as if it was clothing after drinking any type of alcohol.

Something else that makes Amazon irresistible to somebody on a bender is that they have a mobile app that is practically a no-brainer to operate. When you consider the fact that the company is on track to make up half of the e-commerce market in the coming year, it is little wonder that they are nabbing some people who had bent their elbow.

One thing that we know for sure, it doesn’t matter if you are drunk or sober, Amazon seems to be the place to be for online shopping.

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