He Waited So Long To Jump In But The Real Action Happened On The First Step

There are many games that we may have enjoyed when we were younger. Today, many children will play video games or do something else inside but they are rarely ever doing anything active. That wasn’t the case 20 years ago or so, when people were very active and children would always be outside playing. It was something that the parents would even expect out of them, and they got some exercise while at the same time, working off some energy that could have been problematic if they allowed that energy to build up for too long.

One of the games that were a lot of fun to play as a child was jump rope. And for some people, it was a matter of skipping rope on your own. Perhaps you would try to see how fast you could skip rope, maybe reciting a poem or even trying to skip rope while turning the rope backward. There was another jump rope game, however, that was extremely interesting. It was double dutch, and perhaps you’ve tried this method of skipping rope yourself. It works with two people that are standing apart from each other and each of them is holding one end of two different jump ropes.

The point of double dutch is that the ropes are going in opposite directions. It takes a lot of timing to get things swinging right but it takes even more timing for the person that jumps into the middle to skip rope without missing a beat.

The man in this video feels that he can jump in and do a great job. He stands there and studies the jump rope for a while and eventually, jumps in with both feet. The problem is, he didn’t do a good job and you will get a good laugh from it.

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