Hilarious Signs Show That Churches Have A Great Sense Of Humor

Businesses will do almost anything to advertise what they have to offer. There is often a feeling that ‘without advertising, nothing happens’ and that is probably true. In today’s world, we will advertise on television, in local papers, on billboards and even on the Internet. One other way that we might advertise what we have to offer is by using signs and it seems as if almost any business is willing to do so, including churches.

Churches will use their signs for a variety of reasons. Some will post information about upcoming events while others will just try to get a good chuckle out of those who are passing by. The trend with using church signs to tell jokes has been the subject of many interesting Internet posts, and this one is at the lead of the list. It is not only geared toward those who are younger, it is geared toward those who are older as well. Regardless of the intent behind them, we find that they are quite humorous.

1. You gotta read the terms and conditions

2. You can’t always change the sign

3. Talking about whether

4. Get sassy

5. It’s an interesting way to put it

6. Copyright infringement?

7. A good reason

8. Touché

9. You have to be nice on social media

10. A good village joke

11. Asking you to come back

12. Nice advice

13. A sign in the bathroom

14. Interesting

15. Star Wars references

16. Philosophy is job one

17. Good advice

18. You always need a pun

19. They gave up trying

20. Keeping up with the kids

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