Man Discovers Tattoo on His Dog, Gets the Same One, Then Finds Out After Posting Pic Online It Means You’re Officially Neutered

Not so long ago, Texan Chris Mendiola found a strange symbol tattooed on his adopted dog. So, as a bonding statement, Chris decided to get the same tattoo.

That sounds sweet right?

Well…later he found out what the tattoo really meant and…well you’ll see.

Guy from high school got the same tattoo as his dog.

Chris’ dog name is Bear, and the mystery tattoo was on the pup’s pelvis. Chris was disturbed at the thought that his pup was forced to endure a painful tattoo by his previous owners.

So, to show his love and support, Chris decided to get the same tattoo. What a wonderful gesture!

Unfortunately, Chris later found out what the mark really meant, after he posted the picture online and received the sobering and hilarious explanation.

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It turns out that the tattoo was not at all unusual to find on dogs. All it means is that his pup has been neutered.

So, basically, Chris got ink saying that he’s been neutered. Poor guy. Hopefully, he can use it as a cool story to earn a few free beers whenever he shares it. Or, you know, he could go back and turn it into a tank or something…

But, we need to remember that he got the tattoo out of pure love for his pup. He even told Buzzfeed in an interview that he knew what the symbol meant the entire time.

As you can imagine, the internet’s reply to that one was “Yeah, right!”

You can’t deny the man’s love for his dog, though. And, now he’s got the matching tattoo to prove it!

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