Tom Hanks And 8-Year-Old Mock Beauty Pageant Industry In Hilarious Parody

Ask folks around the world about some of the strange things they associate with America, and you’ll probably hear about stuff like fried twinkies, bull riding, and monster truck rallies. Not to mention, American football. But there another slightly less macho industry that many folks associate with American culture, although it’s by no means exclusive to America. The world of beauty pageants has long been considered a place where children dress up in tons of makeup, and “pageant parents” go to insane lengths to win at any cost. This industry often carries a pretty negative reputation within mainstream society and usually consists of only the most die-hard pageant supporters.

Nikki Hahn, an eight-year-old actress from Oceanside, California, once considered trying her hand at being a beauty pageant contestant. But once she found out about the laborious hours spent in makeup, uncomfortable dresses, scorching tanning sessions, and insane parents, the little girl decided it wasn’t her cup of tea. But, her interest did lead her to star alongside Hollywood legend Tom Hanks in a hysterical spoof skit about the beauty pageant industry produced by “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” In the parody, both Hanks and Hahn ruthlessly make fun of the hit TLC show “Toddler’s and Tiaras.”

Source: Screengrab via YouTube

Once the skit was on YouTube, the video generated over 750,000 in only three days!

Source: Screengrab via YouTube

In the skit, Hahn plays the role of Sophie, Hanks’ very spoiled and bratty six-year-old daughter who’s preparing to compete in the acclaimed “Miss Ultimate Sexy Baby Nevada” beauty pageant. At six-years-old, Sophie is an old vet when it comes to beauty pageants, racking up first place trophies and ribbons year after year. Meanwhile, Hanks is determined to go to any extreme to make sure his daughter wins as he attempts to live out his “padge” dreams via his daughter. In one scene, Hanks dances around while holding her pink dress that he had just hand-sewn, while Sophie comments:

“I think my dad wants to be a pageant queen, but he can’t.”

Source: Screengrab via YouTube

The skit is about six minutes, and we see in it how Hanks puts Sophie through some hilariously brutal training, such as when he yells at her for not dancing with “sexy feet.” And we watch the pair celebrate in bizarre delight after the delivery of Sophie’s curly 2-foot tall black wig.

Unless you’re a die-hard pageant parent with a poor sense of humor, you’ll be on the floor with laughter as you watch Hanks and Sophie get ready for the big show.

You can watch the video below.

Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune