U2 Takes Over The Stage On The Tonight Show To Sing ‘Ordinary Love’ And Jimmy Fallon Is Speechless

There are some bands who love the spotlight and all they want to do is perform so that they can get famous and make money. These are the performers that are more of a flash in the pan and they may be popular for a while but more than likely, they will quickly fade from the scene. Other bands, on the other hand, are out there because they love the music and they want to give their all to those who are willing to listen. There is yet another group and those are individuals who have a message to give. They may be awesome singers and performers but at the heart of their music is a message that often tries to invoke some type of change.

I think that the band, U2 is somewhere in between the second category and a third category. It’s easy to see that fact when you watch them performing live on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. It seems as if they are pouring everything that they have into the song they are singing, “Ordinary Love”. Something that is interesting about this band is the fact that they are more than just people who sing popular music and are extremely talented, they also have that special message that they are sometimes trying to give. Much of their music is politically motivated but all of it is motivated by what they feel on the inside.


I think that all of us would be amazed if we were sitting on stage and listening to such an epic rock band perform right in front of us. Jimmy Fallon obviously felt the same way and for a long time, he sat behind his desk and enjoyed the performance. Eventually, he stood up and applauded the group and everyone in the audience joined in.

We may never have the opportunity to be this up close and personal with the rock band but it’s awesome to see in these videos. Watch it for yourself and you will quickly learn that Jimmy Fallon is popular for a very good reason and so is U2.

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