Woman Ends Up With Lips Four Times Original Size After Lip-Filler Disaster And The Medics Can’t Stop Laughing

If there is one thing that people are interested in today, it is making themselves beautiful. Sometimes, they are willing to go to great lengths in order to achieve that purpose and things don’t always go as planned. When they work in your favor, it works quite well but when you have problems along the way, it could end up giving you some internet fame that you really aren’t interested in having.

That was what happened to Rachael Knappier. The 29-year-old has quite a story surrounding a botox mishap and it is being used to warn others of the possible dangers surrounding the injections. After she had the procedure at a ‘Botox party’, her lips swelled to about 4 times their normal size.

Believe it or not, Botox Parties are rending and it typically involves some friends, lots of drinks and some botox injected straight into your face. The one thing that is missing are the medical professionals and a sterile environment.

Rachael apparently went to one of these parties after a friend talked her into it. She was told it would be a good idea but the problem is, the poison was injected into a blood vessel, leading to the mishap seen in the picture.

The good news is, Rachael is fine and she is warning others not to make the same mistake:

“I woke up at two in the morning and saw what you see in those pictures. My lips touched my nose. They quadrupled in size. The pressure and burning on my lips was unbelievable.”

She was rushed to the hospital and the medical staff had a good laugh:

“They hadn’t seen anything like it before. I’ve turned up to A&E with this huge thing on my face. I’m telling them I’m having an allergic reaction, which is what I thought was happening. Three doctors said I’d actually had the filler injected into my artery.”

The lip went down to normal size eventually but now she is starting the ‘Protect before you inject’ campaign.

The movement is to help others understand the dangers of having one of these procedures by a non-medical professional. She is talking about the need to use a professional if you are planning on having any of these injections done.

More and more often, people are having dermal fillers injected by non-qualified medical professionals. Nora Nuget, of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, said:

“Dermal fillers are not prescription items and are not tightly regulated. So we have non-medically trained people – people who do not work in the healthcare field at all – performing these treatments and I think that’s simply wrong and dangerous.”

It’s nice that Rachael is warning others but it still is amazing that people are willing to go through with it in the first place.

Then again, we see the ‘beauty standards’ that are considered normal on social media all the time. No wonder people are going in that direction.