Woman’s Anti-Selfie Crusade Has Her ‘Dying’ At Famous Landmarks – The Photos Are Hilarious

We live in a world that is absolutely obsessed with their cell phones. If you take a look around you (provided you can pry yourself away from your screen), you will see that absolutely everyone is looking down. The only time that many people look up is when they are someplace absolutely awesome. They don’t look up to take in the scenery, they do it to capture a selfie and then upload the picture to social media. It is done in the hopes that everyone is going to tell you how amazing you look, even if some tend to stretch the truth just a little bit.

Of course, it isn’t really that bad but it is getting fairly close to it. Some people love selfies and other people hate them but one woman has decided she had enough and she is turning the whole thing on its head. Rather than taking cute pictures of herself when she is traveling to various landmarks around the world, Stephanie Leigh Rose makes it a point to ‘die’ at those locations and it is as funny as you can imagine.

1. Corsica Fountain

2. Brunate lighthouse

3. Kötlujökull Glacier

4. Notre Dame Cathedral

5. Monopoli

6. Golden Gate Bridge

7. The Eiffel Tower

8. San Diego Zoo Petting Park

9. Cueva Grande

10. Tuileries Garden

11. Amalfi Coast

12. Rome

13. Paragliding

14. In front of Cinderella

15. Seven Sisters

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