Do You Really Know What Happens To Babies When They Go Barefoot? You Should

One of the happiest moments in our life is going to be the day that we bring our baby home from the hospital. From the moment that we find out we are expecting a child, our lives are never the same. We start to prepare the home in so many different ways and by the time they are born, we hope that we have everything ready. We also do a lot of reading and studying in order to be the best parents that we possibly can. Every once in awhile, we hear about something that may take us by surprise and I think that is going to be the case when you hear about what experts have to say when it comes to babies going barefoot.

In almost every home, a baby is going to be wearing walking shoes prior to the time that they learn how to walk. The shoes are on when they first start walking and, more than likely, it is going to be a habit that they continue to have for the rest of their lives. There are some studies, however, that show just how important it is to consider the footwear for your baby when it comes to the development of their brain. Parents are beginning to question their choices. It’s something that every new parent should know, not that it is going to be the definite way that they would raise their child but it does give them the option.

When it comes to our 5 senses, we often consider sight, sound, and hearing more than any other. According to Dr. Kacie Flegal, a chiropractor, we also need to consider our vestibular system and our proprioceptive system. Most people are not familiar with proprioception, but it’s the sense that helps us to know where we are in space. It is also why we are able to tell if we are standing on a soft surface or a hard surface without even looking.


Experts are saying that allowing children to walk in shoes all the time may affect their proprioceptive system and may have an effect on the brain. The feet are full of nerves and the connections may have an important role to play and sending feedback to the brain and the rest of the body. Most parents will avoid having their children go barefoot thinking that it will cause an injury but in reality, you may be affecting their brain development.

In the end, it is really up to the parent to decide if the baby should go with or without shoes. In some cases, it may be best for the child to wear shoes because it does provide a degree of protection. At other times, however, you may just want them to go barefoot.