When a Veteran’s Funeral Is Happening, Boys Stop and Astonish Bystanders

I distinctly remember when I was a kid and a funeral procession going by. My dad, bless his heart, would stop the car and get out. He would stand there beside the car with his hat in his hands. Even though he didn’t know whoever it was that was driving past on their last ride, he was showing respect to that individual and their family. More importantly, was what he did with me. He had me get out of the car as well and stand there with my hat in my hand if I was wearing a hat.

By my dad’s way of thinking, we were still standing on this earth by the grace of God and we had to be respectful of those who were leaving us with our lives here. Most importantly, he said, funerals are for the living, and funeral processions are to honor not just the fallen among us but also the people they leave behind. This is even more urgent an issue if that person was a soldier or a veteran. All of us owe everything to these brave men and women and the very least we can do is pay our respects to them and their families when they leave this earth.

A woman named Jacqi Hornbach shared something to Facebook earlier this month and it has since gone viral after receiving a lot of attention. In her Facebook post, the woman explains that she was dog sitting for a friend and enjoying the outside weather when she saw something extraordinary. There was a cemetery across the street from where she was sitting and a funeral for a deceased military man was happening. Hornbach saw two little boys who were riding by on their bikes suddenly stop and get off their bikes.


As Taps played, the two boys stood there beside their bikes respectfully as the song played. These boys have some good parents who taught them well, just as I did.

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