Adam Levine Pays Tribute To Prince With Incredible Rendition Of ‘Purple Rain’

In 2016, millions of fans mourned the loss of the great artist known as Prince. While many entertainers play music, Prince seemed to transcend the boundaries of labels such as musician and entertainer as his art took us into realms that surpass our five senses, to places of pure emotion. His blend of musical genres, along with his powerfully sensual and charismatic style, helped him create a fan base that transcends generations and still continues to grow. And while every Prince song may have a special place in the hearts of fans, there’s one crown jewel that seems to encapsulate the very essence of this artist.

The song “Purple Rain” is by far one of Prince’s most well-known songs. The song was so popular it even had its own movie, starring Prince as he made his acting debut as “The Kid.” Many fans might be surprised to learn that “Purple Rain” was initially intended to be a country collaboration with the legendary Stevie Nicks. Prince originally asked her to write the lyrics. However, Nicks said that once she heard the 10-minute instrumental version, she confessed that the song was way too much for her to handle and called him to turn it down apologetically.

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After a few modifications, Prince created the classic that we all know and love today.

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Back in 2014, Adam Levine was performing at radio personality Howard Stern’s 60th “Birthday Bash,” an affair that had celebrities along with many of Stern’s biggest fans. At the party, Levine performed a stunning cover of “Purple Rain,” however, footage of his performance wasn’t made public until April 22, 2016 — one day after Prince died.

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The video serves as a heartfelt tribute to the man and the song that defined a generation as Levine sang with his trademark silky, soulful voice adding real passion and feeling into each verse.

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But what really impressed everyone was Levine’s work on the guitar as he was able to tackle one of the most technically challenging guitar solos in rock and roll.

Watch and listen for yourself in the video below.

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