Born at 24 Weeks, Baby Girl with Feet No Bigger Than Pennies, Beats Doctors Grim Odds

Finding out that you’re carrying a new life can be both scary and exciting at the same time. Most mothers cannot wait to meet their new son or daughter. However, most women have to wait a full nine months, during which they pray their baby remains healthy.

Thankfully, most birth these days go off without a hitch, ending with a glowing new mom holding her happy and healthy infant in her arms. But, there are those rare instances when things don’t go according to plan. That’s what happened to one mom whose little girl’s determination to live amazed all her doctors.

The Begining of Her Journey

Paul Curran and Victoria Bradley are a couple living in Liverpool, Merseyside, who was thrilled to learn that they would soon welcome a baby into the world. Like most couples, they believed everything would go exactly as the doctors planned. But, once Victoria reached week 24, those plans took a sudden change.

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Baby Francesca Enters The World

Victoria started to labor at week 24 and soon gave birth to a precious and tiny baby girl named Francesca Bradley-Curran. Amazingly, had her birth happened just two days before, doctors say Francesca’s life would have likely been unviable. You see, two days earlier and Francesca would not have been developed enough to breathe on her own, and doctors were not legally allowed to intervene.

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The Tiny Angel

Francesca only weighed one pound, six ounces at birth. Since she was so small, doctors wanted he parents that it was improbable she would survive. And even if the child did, they should expect to raise a developmentally challenged child.

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Her Parents Were Heartbroken

You can only imagine just how hard this news was for Victoria and Paul to take. They had a beautiful little girl whose feet were no bigger than a penny. But, despite the expert prognosis, these parents decided to focus every bit of their love and energy on their daughter, wishing to do all they could to give her the best quality of life possible.

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Staying Strong

While her doctors never gave Franchesca’s survival the best odds, the hospital’s state still worked tirelessly to provide the little girl with the very best care possible. Between her parent’s endless love and the staff’s hard work, Francesca hung on. And day after day, Francesca not only served, she started to thrive!

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A Little Fighter

It was clear little Francesca wasn’t leaving this world without a fight. This inspired everyone to fight even more challenging to ensure she pulled through. And thanks to their efforts, a miracle happened.

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Growing Like A Weed

Once only one-pound, six-ounces with feet the size of pennies, when Francesca turned nine months in September 2020, she looked like a completely different baby!

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But that’s not the only good news. Francesca is walking, babbling, running, and playing just like many other children her age. As Victoria puts it:

Her Doctors Couldn’t Believe Their Eyes

Baby Francesca made it against all the odds. In response, her doctors were both shocked and thrilled by her progress. Today, Victoria can barely remember how tiny her little girl once was until she looks at the videos and photos.

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Still Gets To Her

However, whenever these parents look back at Francesca’s incredible journey, they can’t help but get emotional — especially Victoria. After all, doctors told these parents that their child had a meager chance of survival, and even if she pulled through, she would never live a normal life.

A Vibrant and Beautify Little Girl

Looking back, Victoria still can’t believe all the hurdles her daughter overcame. She’s also amazed at how she and Pual pulled through all the painful low points along the way. But now that they have a bubbly little angel in their lives, they know it was all worth it!

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You can watch a video about this inspirational story below.

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