Cowboys Take To The Ice For A Country Skating HoeDown

The sport of figure skating is one that many people enjoy. For most who watch it, they don’t go out of their way to do so but when it is on TV, they can’t help but indulge themselves. After all, figure skaters are so talented at what they do that it just seems they glide across the floor and sometimes, you can’t even imagine how they are able to move in such a way. That is certainly the case with John and Sinead Kerr.

These two individuals do quite well on the ice together but in real life, they are brother and sister. Being close gave them the opportunity to practice together and the practice really pays off. When you see the type of show that they put on in front of an audience, you can’t help but marvel at their abilities. They always put something interesting into the routine and in this case, it includes unusual music and wacky outfits. From the moment that they step out on the ice, the audience knew that they were in for something special.

Rather than going with a classical song, this brother and sister chose a Johnny Cash classic. As it was playing in the background, they started skating to the rhythm and the tempo was perfect for the choreography. Every person in the audience that day was stunned by what they saw taking place in front of them. It was a mixture of beauty, skill and a few surprises are thrown in on top of it.

As they continued to dance their way across the ice, there was applause erupting from the seats around them. This couple continued to land one perfect jump after another, and it just seemed as if things got better and better. Keep in mind, it wasn’t just the audience who was watching, it was the judges as well so they were doing their best.

They had a special moment in the spotlight and they took advantage of it. At one point they skated their way across the ice in a way that I’ve never seen before! It was such a clever performance that I had to watch it twice. Truth be told, I’ll probably watch it again.

You can see the performance of John and Sinead Kerr in this wonderful video:

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