E.T. And Elliott Reunite 37 Years Later In Nostalgic Xfinity TV Commercial

Most of us can remember the classic 1982 movie E.T the Extra-terrestrial, produced and directed by Stephen Speilberg. Well, fans of this classic franchise are in for a treat this season as E.T. made his big comeback in a new TV commercial aired this week featuring the alien being reunited with his co-star Henry Thomas reprising his role as Elliott. It almost felt like a sequel as we got to see an adult Elliott team up again with E.T. in Xfinity’s super nostalgic commercial.  The commercial pays tribute to the original 1980s movie in part by showing Elliott’s son wearing the very same PJs he wore in the movie.

We also learn that E.T. still has a sweet tooth for Reese’s Pieces (but who doesn’t, right?), and it also has a shot from the classic film of the bikes shooting across the night sky in front of the full moon. I think you know exactly which scene I’m talking about! Also, Xfinity really went for the heartstrings in this commercial. That’s right. It also had the final scene in the movie where E.T. flies back home. It’s just as heartfelt and nostalgic as the original, and the commercial definitely succeeds in doing the original justice for such a short sequel.

E.T. and Elliott / Xfinity

The science fiction film enjoys critical acclaim as a “timeless story of friendship,” according to Wikipedia. And a Rotten Tomatoes survey ranks it as one of the greatest sci-fi movies of all time. The film was also chosen for preservation in the United States National Film Registry in 1994!

Here’s the full Xfinity commercial. Be sure to keep those tissues handy!

Source: Do You Remember